Making a bequest

The financial pressures we all face mean that we are often constrained from giving as much as we would like during our lifetime.

Choosing to leave a legacy can be an appropriate, tax-efficient and straightforward solution. Leaving a gift in your will can make a tremendous difference to the lives of our students as we endeavour to provide facilities and resources that enhance the teaching and match the needs of our 21st century pupils providing the best learning environment we can.

Fee income provides for the day to day running of the school, but beyond this we need your support. We need funds to provide scholarships and bursaries for able and deserving students. We also need funds, not only to maintain the fabric of our historic buildings, but to upgrade the facilities to keep pace with technological and curricular advances. These developments are costly and cannot be provided through fees alone.

If you have valued and continue to enjoy your relationship with us, whether as a former student, parent, grandparent or friend you may wish to consider leaving a bequest in your will. Leaving a legacy today enables us to plan with greater confidence for tomorrow.