"Studying at Prior Park College is an extraordinary experience in an exceptional location. Over its long history Prior Park has been proud of the many opportunities, academic and co-curricular, it has been able to offer to members of our College community. We have helped to transform and shape the lives of many pupils over the years.

Providing outstanding pastoral care of an “encouraging, supportive” nature is a key element of the College’s Mission, alongside provision of a Catholic Christian education of the highest quality. One way we are able to practically live our Christian values is through the bursarial support of children who would benefit from everything we are able to offer.

I have experienced first-hand how the opportunity to experience life at Prior Park can profoundly change the life of a young person in a positive way. I believe passionately that we should work actively to help more children and it is our goal to grow our bursarial funding for this purpose.

We aim for our door to be as wide open as possible. I warmly invite you to help us."

With your generosity and support the Prior Foundation Bursary Appeal will be able to extend hope and opportunity to children who can benefit from everything that we have to offer.

A father of one of our bursary recipients says

Education goes beyond academia; I have seen a change in my son over the time he has spent in Prior Park and the school is helping to mould him into a young man I am already proud of

Thank you to our current supporters and I urge you to consider supporting others.

Remember ‘Educate just one person and you could be changing the lives of many’

If you would like to help please contact the Development Office at development@thepriorfoundation.com