Foundation Vision

Our 'Vision for The 2020 Prior Foundation' was created to ensure the highest standards of pastoral care, and the highest quality of education which is both exciting and full of opportunities for our pupils. We will continue to emphasise the areas of school life in which we excel, such as Sport and Outdoor Education, Music, the Arts, and Drama. Through these opportunities comes the chance to shine educationally and intellectually, in the pursuit of pleasure, building relationships which are based on discipline, team-work, commitment and leadership.

We wish to offer the highest standards in terms of facilities in order to build upon our current reputation for excellence by hosting sporting academies and national events. We will continue to award scholarships not only for academic ability but also for achievement in Art, Drama, Music and Sport. Bursaries are available for talented pupils that would otherwise not be able to benefit from all that The Prior Foundation has to offer.

A child's school life should be an exciting and enjoyable journey, filled with opportunity and encouragement and a realisation of their full potential. Here at The Prior Foundation we want every child to thrive and flourish and leave as a compassionate, motivated and confident individual.

Our success is due to a number of factors: our pupils are excited to learn and our staff our motivated to teach. We feel invigorated to look to the future with confidence taking with us the best of the past, and welcoming the challenges of tomorrow. The Prior Foundation has influenced the lives of a great many people. Excellent teaching within a caring and supportive environment combined with great facilities has allowed pupils from all walks of life to achieve their full potential.

Whether you are a current or past parent, a former pupil or a friend of The Prior Foundation, we invite you to stand with us by making a donation at the level you can afford as we seek to secure the funding required to create a wonderful new sports facility for our pupils and to create a mechanism through bursaries and scholarships to educate others.