Current projects

The Prior Foundation is not able to achieve all of its goals from fee income alone. Despite some tough current challenges for independent education we have remained strong with an increase in pupil numbers in recent years. Whilst this is pleasing we must also seek to improve the quality of our pupils’ experiences throughout the four schools.

The top priority at Prior Park College was to build a top quality sports facility at the heart of the College to maintain our profile both in Bath and beyond. We are delighted that this was completed in Spring 2015.

At The Paragon we plan to continue our success with Outdoor Learning which is a buzzword often used but rarely embraced by other schools. At The Paragon we mean it. We view our beautiful grounds as an extension of the classroom and seek every opportunity for experiential learning.

Prior Park Preparatory School combines the best of tradition with outstanding modern teaching to make a real difference to a child's education. Here too there is a focus on Outdoor Learning with our own conservation area/outdoor classroom which opened in 2011. We plan to extend our teaching outdoors to create opportunities for children to develop a wider understanding of their capabilities and skills.

We are also excited about the opening of our new school Prior Park Gibraltar in September 2016 and the opportunities that this will bring to all our pupils studying in Prior Park Schools.